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Examples of custom-tailored bus terminals

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An example will illustrate some of the advantages of an I/O system custom-tailored to your application:

A machine uses between 12 and 72 identically constructed holding and filling assemblies. The complete mechanical assembly is supplied by a subcontractor. The wiring of all assemblies is done subsequently at the machine manufacturer on a modular standard bus terminal in the switching cabinet.

Each assembly needs 4 x digital inputs, 8 x digital outputs, 1 x analogue input (4 - 20 mA) and 3 x PT100 inputs.

With a custom-tailored bus terminal the subcontractor now supplies you with a fully wired and pre-tested electromechanical assembly. For integration into your automation system only an EtherCAT® connection to process control has to be made. By reducing assembly costs, testing activities, logistic and module costs, this example verifiably achieves savings of up to 30% compared to standard solutions.

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